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a rare blue diamond. it is reallyial and i do love this open to interpretation and that the u.n. this with jeans look clubs, i you've written this summer, winter, with this but they're fabulous cocktail dress, it is a special piece and maybe you are a december baby. it is a celebration of blue and there's something about the blue that is soothingand refreshing and is that a coincidence and most people, most adults their favorite color is blue and there is a statistic that says it is close to 50 percent of the dogs of their favorite color is blue, that is a big number and you can understand what we pick up so many pieces. i love the size of this also. this is not to get rid this to mention yet it comes in and about half an inch there. each and every one of the segments have been set and they have to be beautifully matched in 800 cal and you have the curse the and notice the size of the band, plus a silver look at the underside, it is finished as of its it's beautifully on the finger and not too high where it will catch every time you stick your hand in your pocket or handbag, it
and you go to the emergency room and they don't have a hospital to put u.n.? they have two ship you across a floating bridge across a lake the lake to go to another hospital because that is their associate hospital that they admit patients in. in in the united states this happens and you see these doctors saying this is an right and even sometimes administrators will say we know it's not rational but that is the way we get paid. and you realize when things are disassociated the care gets very dangerous. then you see times when they are in harmony. you see when there is transparency of infection data and how the administrators talk to individual provider specifically about infections and what do we need to do to get our infections down? this is a model of management for any industry. in the new york transparency experiment when heart surgery outcomes were publicly reported, i tell a story that mark chesson described where they actually had administrators walking to the unit and asked the doctors and nurses, what do we need to do to get our mortality down? they are asking nurses, how can we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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